Telesage Solutions is the work of a single individual –Paul Laufer–

I specialize in database management systems, the contact management software GoldMine, and many of its secondary utilities and add-ons.

My particular focus is in automated data movement between GoldMine and other systems. I’ve been engaged in GoldMine support and development since 1995 when I worked at ELAN Software (GoldMine’s precursor) in their technical support department, and was the Sysop of the GoldMine BBS, which is what people used before the internet was widely available. Since then I’ve been an alpha/beta tester for GoldMine Software, and for Redstone Softbase, the original developer of GoldBox.

I also consult in computer virus eradication and prevention, networking, web page development, blogs, forums, e-mail, etc.

I received my first GoldMine/GoldSync certification in 1995, and today I’m certified in GoldMine Premium Edition. I also specialize in dbase file corruption repair, which pertains to GoldMine versions of 6.7 and earlier.

If you need a simple GoldMine “Duh-Button” macro, the most complex data crunching procedure imaginable, or a temporary GoldMine expert on-staff to bring your existing employees up to speed, you’re in the right place. In-house or onsite, you”ll save $$ by getting your database done right the first time. And I promise you a learning experience, if you like to know how it’s done. I’m based in Central California, but will travel as needed.